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Disclaimer: I don't own Teen Titans, or any other part of DC comics.

Italics = whispering

Italics + ' ' = thinking

Regular = dialog

Regular + " " = talking

Italics + Bold = Phone Dialog or video chat
"Okay, so, who's going first?" asked raven

"I'll go." volunteered Kid Flash after talking to Jinx. "Robin, can you come here for a second?"


"Robin, I dare you to kiss Starfire!" Dared Kid Flash, in a whisper so that a certain Alien didn't hear…

answered Robin after sighing. Robin then proceeded to walk over and
kiss Starfire before blushing and sitting back on the couch.

"I dare Cyborg to wear a dress…" said Robin, that being the only thing he could think of.

"I have to do what?" yelled the shocked and angry part-robot teen.

"You heard him; you have to put on a dress!" said Beast boy as he cracked up laughing

"Fine!" said Cyborg as he stormed off and came bavk wearing a fluffy pink dress…

Soon everyone but him was lauging their butts off…

"I dare Rae to kiss BB as an animal…" said Cyborg, looking for revenge at Beast boy for laughing at him

beastboy please transform into a dog…." Beastboy then transformed into a
dog and licked raven cheek, who in turn kissed BB's head. Cyborg
groaned as he had hoped it would be more embarrassing.

"I dare
Starfire to give Kid flash a makeover." said raven, smirking at what may
happen the speedster; Jinx was now trying to keep from laughing.

-15 minutes latter-

Flash no looked like a clown and of of the Titand excluding him were
rofling all over the place. "Dude! That is the funniest thing I've seen
all week!" commented Beastboy, everyone else nodded in agrement. "It's
not as funny as the look on everyone's face's when they found out I
switched sides!" said Jinx, giggling.

"Speaking of that, Jinx I
dare you to prank call the hive 5 and tell them -hahaha- that you
switched sides again and have gone back to being a villain." said the
'fastest boy alive' as he cracked up laughing.

"Fine, but only on one condition."


"You need to let me tie you up so that they believe it longer."

"But won't they remember that I can vibrate my molecules through solid objects!"

the boys in the hive five are idiots, do you KNOW how many times I had
to save them because of their own stupidness when I was their leader!"

"Jinx! You just said my real name!"

"Stop complaining Kid Idiot!"

-5 minutes latter-

and Kid flash had gone into a large, empty storge closet and were now
using a special high-tech camera belonging to Cyborg to call Gizmo…

"JINX? Why are you calling HERE?" -asked a shocked and angry Gizmo

called to apologize, that hero guy seduced me into thinking I had
changed, had become good, but I snapped out of it and now I'm back to my
bad self." -said Jinx, shocked at how good of an actor she was.

"I don't believe it!" -answered an annoyed Gizmo

you don't believe me, then see THIS!" -said an
unbelievably-good-at-lying Jinx as she motioned behind her and the
camera focused on Kid Flash, tied up and gagged and struggling seemingly
in vain.

"Where are you?" -questioned Gizmo

"Oh, no where…" -answered Jinx

"Sigh, what do you want?" -answered a defeated Gizmo

"To rejoin the team" -Jinx

"Fine-" started Gizmo before being interrupted by a certain speedster…

"Ha! To think you actually FELL for that!" said Kid Flash as he quickly vibrated though the ropes and smirked triumphantly.

"Jinx, where are you, we'll be there ASAP!" -yelled Gizmo, concerned for his former teammate.

Like I'd really go BACK to my former life of crime,I love the way my
life is now and I love Wa-I mean Kid Flash, and I'm NEVER going back!"
-said Jinx, also smirking as she leaned in and kissed Kid Flash on the

"Then WHY did you call?" -asked an annoyed Gizmo, completely oblivious to Jinx almost reveling her boyfriend's secret identity.

"Umm Duh! I was dared into prank calling you!" -Jinx answered sarcastically.

"Whatever!" -Gizmo yelled in annoyance as the pipsqueak broke the connection.

-At Hive-Five HQ-

that just Jinx?" asked Billy Numerous as him and a few clones had just
entered the room and had seen Jinx appear on the screen just as Gizmo
turned it off.

"Yeah, her and the speedster hero she ran away with prank called us." answered a depressed Gizmo.

"Was it funny?" asked a Billy Numerous clone, Gizmo just sighed before yelling "No!" and going to his room.

- Back at Titans Tower-

"That was Hilarious!" said Kid Flash as they left the room and re-entered the Titans' living room.

"I know, Right?" replied Jinx as her and Kid Flash high five'd each other.

that was awesome, the look on Gizmo's face was priceless!" said
Beastboy; the Titans had been watching he whole thing via a security
camera in the storage closet, the other Titans nodded in agreement.

"Jinx, it's your turn." Robin told the pink haired sorceress.

"Okay… hmm… let's see… I dare robin to take off his mask AND tell us his real name!" said Jinx

"Do I HAVE to?"


"Fine…" Robin mumbled something that sounded like 'ick asion'

"What? We can't hear you, speak up." said Jinx.

Grayson" this time a few people heard, namely cyborg and Starfire,
thanks to cybernetic super-hearing and really sensitive alien ears.

"What?" asked Beast Boy as he tried to empty his ears from ear wax.

"I said Dick Grayson." said Robin err I mean Dick.

"You mean Bruce Wayne's son!" said Cy, shocked to hear that his leader was a billionaire.

Bats is really Bruce Wayne, he adopted me when my parent died and I
became Robin." answered Robin, deciding that if was going to have to
reveal his own secret identity, he'd might as well bring the dark night
down with him.

"Wow." said Beast Boy, awestruck at the thought of the dynamic duo's secret identities.

"Robin, you still have to take your mask off." Jinx reminded him.

"Fine" said robin as he took off his mask, revealing bring blue eyes, upon seeing robin eyes, Starfire blushed.

Robin, why do you cover your eyes? They are most handsome." question
Starfire as she looked into Robin's 'handsome' eyes. (they were sitting
next to each other)

"Thanks, Star. But it's to keep my identity a secret."

"But why must you keep your idenity a secret? It's not like you still lead a life outside of being Robin? Do you?"

"No, Star I don't, but there are a lot of trouble that could come from my secret identity being revealed…"

"Like what?"

one thing, if the world knew I was Dick Grayson, then they might figure
out that Batman was Bruce Wayne… Or someone might try to target me for
Bruce's money…." Robin finished explaining himself to Starfire.

"Robin, your turn." Jinx reminded him once his and Starfire were done talking.

Beast Boy I dare you to…" Robin whispered the rest to Beast Boy, who
grinned and nodded before running off and coming back with a bag.

turn! Raven I dare you to walk around town in a girly dress." said
Beastboy as he handed her the bag, which held within is a really frilly
pink dress.


"But you have to do it, it's a dare!"

Raven walked away and came back wearing the dress, upon seeing raven
like that Beast boy began rolling around on the ground laughing.

"I dare Cyborg to prank call someone in Titans East." said raven.

"Booya!" Yelled Cy, exited to prank someone.

-Titans East-

Ring! Ring! Ring! -Bumblebee's phone was ringing

"Hello?" -Bumblebee

I'm calling to confirm an order of 400 extra cheese and pepperoni pizza
with extra anchovies to this address?" -a mysterious voice on the other

"Umm We didn't order ANY of that, you must have the wrong number…." -said a confused and annoyed Bumblebee

"Nope, I even wrote it down, Titans East tower."

"Hey! Our Tower's location is top Secret!"

"Yeah, well tell that to the kids that ordered it, they were speaking Spanish." -answered the person on the other line.

"Más y Menos!" Yelled Bumblebee angrily as she hung up the phone and went to yell at said speedsters.

-Back at Titans Tower-

"I can't believe she actually fell for that!" said Kid Flash in between laughing.

"Neither can I!" agreed Jinx, the others all nodded.
The fallowing dares will be done in the next chapter:
---Origanal dares from people on FF.Net---
Flash Kid dares Robin to sing or kiss Starfire? From Nightshade08

could ask a truth of Robin to tell about one thing he liked about
living in Gotham City (assuming they know he was in Gotham before) from

Beastboy dares cyborg to run around town in a
pink tutu while shouting: I AM A GAY EMO SISSIY AND I COLLECT BARBIE
DOLLS! and then he has to kiss jinx. From Shadow

---New dares from people on DA---

Jinx asks BB if he 'like likes' Raven. From :iconauraargentum:
Cyborg dares BB to eat a small amount of real meat. From :iconfightking:
Here's the second chapter, I'm sorry for any inconveniences caused by this being deleted from fanfiction. net and moved here...
Here's a link for chapter 1: [link]
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